Wellington Declaration read by ACTA negotiators

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Following the writing of the Wellington Declaration, on Saturday 10th April at PublicACTA, the Declaration was given yesterday (Tue 13 April) to the NZ negotiators, accompanied by the 6,645 signatures received by 12pm yesterday. We learned later in the day that the Declaration had been given by the NZ negotiators to the offical delegations from all the countries in attendance at the Wellington negotiating round.

Last night members of the acta.net.nz coalition, including representatives from Creative Freedom Foundation NZ, InternetNZ, and NZOSS attended an evening function with many of the foreign negotiators, along with other industry stakeholders. Everyone we talked to had read the Wellington Declaration. Their views on it varied, but it appears to have made an impact.

Those who were involved on Saturday should feel encouraged that you have made a real and positive contribution to the debate on ACTA. If you haven't yet signed the petition to endorse the Wellington Declaration, you can still do so.